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Wish to organize or participate in an activity like horse back riding or just a tour of the city during your vacation with a local? You are in luck. To book an activity, enter the name of your destination in the search box, and select the activities tab once the results are displayed.

Home Swap

Home Swap

Home Swap allows you to swap your house with some one else. There is no payment involved in it. Person A just swaps the house with person B, depending upon their requirements. You can swap your house for a certain period of time.

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Sublets improve the experience of long-term vacation rentals. Setting up a one-time sublet allows hosts to find one single occupant during a specific time period rather than renting nightly to one or multiple guests.

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Holidays Planner is designed for travelers who are tired of costly hotels, extra expenses, high-priced mini bars and inflexible check-in and check-out times. Holidays Planner offers short-term vacation rentals, home-away-from-home accommodation with good, old-fashioned value. Whether you need a room, an apartment or an entire house, we can help you to find the perfect Vacation Rental for your needs.